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The village has developed along the Strada Statale 12 Abetone-Brennero from the original nucleus called "in Corte". The current name refers to the various factories (Fabbriche) that have been there over the centuries: an ancient ironworks, a paper mill, a spinning mill and, after the Second World War, factories for the manufacture of the plaster 'figurine'.

On the Strada Statale stands a small church: the Oratory of the Immacolata. In Fabbriche di Casabasciana there is the road that leads to the villages of Sala, Casabasciana and Crasciana. Having taken this road, on the right, we find on our left the ruins of an old watchtower and the remains of the old church of San Michele. A little further on, an unsurfaced road leads to the Pieve Vecchia (the ancient Parish Church), which is of very great architectural interest.

The Pieve Vecchia dates from the early Middle Ages and preserves its twelfth-century Romanesque structure; the nave is separated from the side aisles by eight massive columns supporting round arches. The church is flanked by a powerful bell tower with Ghibelline battlements; the area in front of the church was used as the cemetery until 1901.

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