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It is located at 780 metres above sea level on the borders of the Municipality of Bagni di Lucca towards Pistoia. Lucchio appears to cling to an almost overhanging rock with, at the top of the village, the ruins of an ancient fortress that offers a breath-taking view.

The 360° panorama is certainly one of the village's prime advantages, and in some ways is the culmination of all the variety and richness of the mountain borghi in the Comune of Bagni di Lucca.

View from the ancient fortress of Lucchio

In the car park at the top of the village, there is an old fountain with a stone drinking trough: this is the 'Fontana Vecchia', erected over a natural spring and for a long time the only source of water for the inhabitants.

Descending by the narrow streets of the village, which reveal their ancient origins, we see buildings that preserve the typology and charateristics of the area's civic and rural architecture. Considering the morphology of the place and its difficulty of access, most of the houses were probably built for the soldiers of the garrison and their families.

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