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It was built as a more practical option for the inhabitants of the lower Ghivizzano area: it was inaugurated in January 1931 and dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with a decree found in the acts of the episcopal secretariat of the archbishop Monsignor Torrini.

At the inauguration, he dictated these rules:

  1. On Holy days of obligation, for the convenience of the population, a simple Mass without song may be celebrated in the new church, at the time when the second Mass in the parish is celebrated. For the different seasons, of course, the times are set.
  2. On solemnities (New Year’s Eve, Epiphany, Easter, etc.) the first Mass will be celebrated at eight o'clock in winter, seven o'clock in spring, and six o'clock in summer.
  3. In the new church there will be no funeral or sung requiem masses, except with the full consent of the parish priest.
  4. All the parish functions and the “novena tridui” and preachings will continue to be performed in the parish church except on the feasts of the Rosary and the Sacred Heart.
  5. The new church will have an administrator.
  6. It is the sole responsibility of the parish priest to moderate the sound of the bells, which can never be sounded outside of the hours of worship.

This last rule undoubtedly refers to the tradition that had been created in Ghivizzano to welcome emigrants who returned home for a period of rest with the sound of the bells.

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